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Bristol & Avon Group Infographics

Infographic presented by: Bristol & Avon Group,  Bristol & Avon is an established, family owned company providing transport services and supply of aggregates and waste management methods to a broad range of clients in the south west region for more than 30 decades. We focus in the disposal and removal of waste materials from a huge array of web sites within the South West region. Our reputation is built on superb professionalism, attention to detail and effective service, making Bristol and Avon Group an honored, multi-faceted, privately owned contractor, meeting the demands of today’s construction market. Follow this link to get more details.

Residential Roofing Term Infographics

Construction Jargon Is a Great Structure glossary Packed of construction definitions and Construction pictures that will permit any new home builder to speak with confidence about each stage of Construction. It increases confidence in the communication of Construction Provisions.Construction Terms are used from the house foundation stage all the way through to the last conclusion stage. The construction process will change depending on soil conditions and climate change.More interesting stuffs you can find here.